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BKM Designs

Rhinestone nosebands for your show halter. Available in blue, red, white, green or purple.

#BKM001 - Rhinestone noseband

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#BKM002 - BKM complete show halter with matching noseband
Specify Gold or Silver show halter



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1/2" Leather Miniature Horse Leads:


#100A - 6' Stud Chain, Leather Lead     $32.95 

#100B - 6' Leather Lead with Buckle & Stop   $26.95

#100 - 6' Leather Lead with Snap & Stop   $23.50

#105 - 5' Rolled Leather Lead with Stop $31.00

#106 - 5' Leather Lead with Snap $26.00



1/2" Bio Miniature Horse Leads:

#103 - 6' Bio Lead with Snap & Stop  $17.95

#103SS - 6' Leather Look Lead with Safety Snap & Knot Stop     $24.95

Minature Horse Accessories

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#110 - Stud Chain, Mini   $9.95

#107wk - Chin Chain with Keeper $8.95

#107 - Chin Chain 16, 18, 20, 22" $6.00
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#109 - Leather Chin Strap - Mini $12.50

#108 - Chain Keeper - Mini $3.50

#109B - Bio Chin Strap - Mini $12.50

Helpful Hint - How to Secure a chin chain
Insert chain through both loops of halter. Attach chain keeper with chicago screw. Make sure chain keeper is close to horse's chin and doesn't slide. This will help avoid losing your chain.

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Nylon Miniature Horse Halters with Leather Overlay on crown, cheeks, and nose.  Slide buckle adjustment at nose and throat.  Tongue buckle adjustment at crown. Comes with easy catch strap.  Please specify color: Blue, red, yellow, hunter green, purple, orange, black, or red/white/blue.

Item#50-720X    Small
Item#50-721X   Medium
Item#50-722X   Large

$9.50 each

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Triple L padded halter

Miniature Nylon Padded Halters
by Triple E Manuafacturing

A fully adjustable padded at the crown and nose halter designed for your Miniature Horse.  Made of 3/4" webbing, with slide buckle at crown and throat. Please specify color: Aqua, black, burgundy, hot pink, hunter green, lime green, navy blue, purple, royal blue and yellow.


$14.95 Each



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Matching Poly Leads - Mix & match colors with these soft cotton-feel leads with snap.

Please specify color: Purple, royal blue, hunter green, red, black, patriotic, hot pink, and teal and black



Type in Desired Color

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Square Muzzle - Nylon mesh with 4 velcro tabs to attach to halter.(halter not included) Leather bottom with grommet. Assorted colors.



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Miniature Horse Fly Bonnet

Keeps pests off your horse's face and eyes. Mesh fly bonnet has 2 elastic straps with "Quick-grip" closures. Adjustable to fit most Miniature Horses.



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Miniature Royal King Silver Bar Halter

Handsome bridle leather accented with hand-engraved bright finished inca silver trim and buckle, tip, and keeper. Double sewn for durability. Please specify color: Light or dark finish.

Item#18-42X - Suckling - $51.90
- Miniature - $51.90

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Royal King Show Halter

Popular bright cut edge. Inca silver trim mounted on handsome bridle leather. Smoothed edges. Doubled and stitched. Finely crafted. Please specify color: Light or dark oil finish.

Item#18-824X - Miniature Large - $54.00
- Miniature Medium - $54.00
- Miniature Small - $54.00

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Royal King Miniature Show Halter

Finely crafted show halter with rounded shaped throat. Doubled and stitched bridle leather. Adjustable crown. Please specify color: Light or dark oil finish.

Item#18-600MNX - Miniature - $27.80
- Suckling - $27.80

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Miniature Leather Horse Halter

A quality leather halter with all the features of a full size halter. Finished in rich dark brown with buckle at crown.

Item#44-700 - Small - $18.95
- Medium - $18.95
- Large - $18.95

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Halter Bag

Protect your halter from scratching, dirt, dust and damage, whiled tucked inside our nylon shell, shearling lined halter bag. Comes with hook and loop closure and nylon hanger.

Item#7008 - 2 Tab - $28.95

Item#70084 -
4 Tab - $32.95

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