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Easy Entry Cart

This Easy-Entry Cart is one-of-the most popular carts. Excellent for the beginner as well as the advanced driver. Can be used to show. Buy it to start with, then keep it for practice & fun if you move up to a "show" cart. Also great for driving outside of an arena - wide cushioned/sprung seat.

Shafts 48” Long (removable), 20” Tires, Adjustable Seat, Metal Grate Floor, Padded Backrest, Weight 80 lbs.

#CTM1 - Easy Entry Cart - $425.00  (Plus shipping - call for shipping costs)

Easy Entry Cart Cover

Protect your cart from dirt and scratching. Outershell made from nylon packcloth lined with quilted lining.

#TL9022 - Easy Entry Cart Cover -

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Economy Nylon Harness
From Triple L Manufacturing

This easy care working harness is made from durable nylon material, and is stitched to last. Saves on saddle soap! Black with red trim on saddle and browband. Chrome hardware.   Crafted in the USA.

#1011NYA - Mini A - $185.00
#1011NYB - Mini B - $185.00

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Standard Leather Harness
From Triple L Manufacturing

Beautifully handcrafted in the USA, our harness leather is top grade, with patent leather blinders,and back saddle. Would be appropriate for either show ring, or everyday use. Complete with breeching.  Black. Please specify chrome or brass fittings.

#1011M - Mini A (fits horses to 36" tall)  - $275.00

#1011MB - Mini B
 (fits horses 38" to 42" tall) - $305.00

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Back and Breast Harness Pads
From Triple L Manufacturing

Luxury accessories for your harness horse. Fake fur and 1" high quality foam with hook & loop straps to attach to your harness. Black.

#7025 - Back Pad - $19.95

#7026 - Breast Pad - $28.95

lungingcaveson.jpg (21847 bytes)

Lunging Caveson
From Triple L Manufacturing

This vital training aid comes in low maintenance nylon; stitched for strength and durability. Fully adjustable with rings on top and side for changing direction. Lined with 1/2" felt.

#7034LC - $39.95

leathercaveson.jpg (31362 bytes)

Colored Leather Caveson
From Triple L Manufacturing

Draw the eye to your horse with dramatic color flashes on the browband and caveson.

Please specify: Navy, red, green, white, burgundy, or yellow.

#1011CCB - $120.00

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Harness Bag
From Triple L Manufacturing

Guard against damage to your harness investment with our durable nylon bag, lined with sherling.  Easy in and out with a full size zipper and 4 hook & loop hangers. 

Please specify: Hunter, navy, red, burgundy, teal, purple, or black.

#7015 - $48.95

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Miniature Nylon Training Surcingle

Professionally engineered training surcingle made of durable nylon with felt padding. The rings and dees are correctly positioned for attaching training aids.  Girth adjusts on both sides to equalize pressure.  Ideal for most schooling needs.

#52-55 - $39.80


snafflebit.jpg (5173 bytes)

Miniature Snaffle Bit
Stainless Steel snaffle with 3" mouth.

#255534 - $17.90


eggbutt.jpg (5832 bytes)

Miniature Eggbutt Bit
Stainless Steel snaffle mouth.

#255300 - $17.90 (3" mouth)
#255302 - $17.90 (3" mouth)
#255303 - $17.90 (4" mouth)

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Other Harnesses Parts Available:
Please specify Brass or Chrome

  Martingale (Mini)  -  #1011MART   $29.50

Please Specify

Caveson (Mini) -  #1011CAVMINI   $39.99
Please Specify

Side Checks (Mini)  -  #1011SIDE   $28.50
Please Specify

Over Checks (Mini)  -  #1011OVER   $28.50
Please Specify

Driving Lines (Mini)  -  #1011DLMINI   $74.00
Please Specify


Rein Stops (Black)  -  #7100   $4.00 pair

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