Miscellaneous Items
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whoa.jpg (3819 bytes)

Whoa Sign
This sign is sure to get some attention! This handcrafted metalsign measures approximately
18" x 18".  
each    No. 87-9516

pailopener.jpg (2123 bytes)

Polymar Pail Opener
Durable Polymar pail opener. 8" long.  Makes opeing supplement pails a cinch! Please specify color: Green, red, or blue.

$4.95 each     No. 68-24590

Specify Color

haynet.jpg (3737 bytes)
Miniature Hay Bag
Made of soft nylon cording.
Large enough for one flake of hay.
Please specify color: Black, royal blue, red, navy blue, hunter green, and burgundy.

$5.75 each    No. 72-1805X

Specify Color

infostallsign.jpg (5792 bytes)

Info English Stall Sign
Made of polymar. Space for noting feed rations, identification and daily care. Records information for horse's safety. 

$9.95 each    No. 87-9516

infofeedsign.jpg (5988 bytes)
Info Feed Sign
Keep track of several horses on different diets! Tough polymar, can be written on with dry erase marker and wiped off for updates.  Gives information on diet for your horse.  Measures 6" wide x 4" high.

$3.58 each    No. 72-8307

chicagoscrews.jpg (8152 bytes)
Chicago Screw Assortment
Contains brass, engraved steel, and aluminum Chicago screws. Assorted sizes to fit any need you have. 10 per bag.

$1.99 per pkg.   No. 75-09740

measurestick.jpg (1714 bytes)
Mini Measure
Aluminum Height Standard
Same construction as our full size Sure Measure except downsized for Miniatures and foals.  Ruled on one side 14-39" and 30-100cm on reverse side.

$29.95 each    No. 29-30

canvashaybag.jpg (3622 bytes)
Tough-1 Heavy Canvas
Tote Hay Bag
Keep your hay dry with this heavy duty, canvas duck hay bag. Contrasting nylon web trim, quality construction. Measures 19" x 20" with 6" mesh gussets. Please specify color: Black, navy, red, or green.

$14.95 each    No. 24-35X

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magicgloves.jpg (4358 bytes)
Magic Glove
Totally expandable knit - one size fits all adults. Strong knit with pebbled grip palm. Ideal for any use. Keep several pairs handy! Please specify color: Black, burgundy, navy, green, red or purple.

$5.95 each    No. 24-35X

Specify Color

suncatchers.jpg (8719 bytes)
Western Suncatchers
Brilliant colored, multi brass coated suncatchers.  Sizes are approximately 4 - 4".
Please specify choice:

No. 87-9971 "End of the Trail"
No. 87-9972 "Horse/Fence"

$6.75 each

Specify Choice

suncatchers2.jpg (4356 bytes)
Tractor Suncatchers
Just what every farmer wants...their own brass coated tractor suncatcher to hang in their kitchen window to help motivate them for the day's work!   Size is approximately 4 x 3".
Please specify choice:

No. 87-98940 Green Tractor
No. 87-98941 Red Tractor

$6.75 each

Specify Choice

braidingkit.jpg (6506 bytes)

Braiding Kit
Contains about everything needed to braid your horse's mane and tail. The suede leather pouch with nylon belt includes braiding tools, clips, combs, etc. Makes a wonderful gift idea!

$15.95 each    No. 68-995

tailbag.jpg (2919 bytes)
Miniature Horse
Tail Bag
Keep your horse's tail clean, and safe with these tail bags! Braided tail tucks into pouch portion, and then is tied together with the 4 strips.  Please specify choice: Blue Denim or Navy Horse Head/Horseshoe print.

$5.00 each    No. 7001TB


numberclip.jpg (1895 bytes)
Exhibitor Number Clip
Easily change numbers when showing multiple horses. Silver.

$3.00 each    No. 7002

keychain.jpg (7017 bytes)

Bubble Horse Key Chain
Liquid bubble horse key chain. Assorted breeds. Each measures approximately 1" in diameter.

$3.95 each    No. 27-40305

engsaddlecover.jpg (3182 bytes)
Nylon English Saddle
Designed for protection when riding or in the tack room. Water- proof nylon with cutout for stirrups. When not in use, fold into a tote attached to dee ring on saddle. Please specify color: Blue, black, burgundy, red, or hunter green.

$12.50 each     No. 61-8907X

Specify Color

gatelatches.jpg (6011 bytes)
Various Styles of
Gate Latches
Keep your gates on paddocks, feed rooms, stalls etc. secure with this variety of gate latches. A style for all needs. Please specify by design number:

No. 72-8301
No. 72-8302
No. 72-8303
No. 72-8304

$5.95 each

Design No.

accessorybag.jpg (6290 bytes)
Tough-1 Poly Accessory Bag
This poly accessory bag is ideal for clippers, braiding kit, first aid kit,shaving kit or make-up bag. 3 zipper pockets, 1 zipper case with 3" gusset, carry handle, and metal "D" ring for easy hanging. Measures 10" x 5", and unfolds to 24" long. Products show, not included. Please specify color: Red, blue, green, black or purple.

$13.95 each    No. 61-9975X

Specify Color

Colors:  Yellow, white, red, hot pink, purple, black, burgundy, lime green, hunter green, teal and navy blue

$6.99 each    No. IVE#24

Please Specify:
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